One of the common problems when it comes to staying in Boracay island is the accommodation.

I’ll be honest with you,

Boracay doesn’t really come cheap anymore but it does when you know how to settle and compromise. Also, you need to realise that hotels aren’t the only forms of accommodation found in Boracay island.

There are cheap budget hotels, pension houses, apartments and many more places that are more than willing to give you a cheap room to stay in with a weekly or monthly rental.

Luxury Hotels/ Resorts

If you’re on a tight budget, you might want to steer clear of luxury hotels and fancy resorts.

They are usually found on the far edges of the island but some of the cheap ones (in terms of luxury hotels) can still be found sprinkled in different stations of White Beach and Bulabog Beach.


if you want to book a cheap resort featuring clean and cozy rooms, I recommend Orchids Resort (Station 3) for your accommodations.

Budget Hotels/ Hostels/ Transient Rental

A nice alternative to your Boracay island accommodation needs is to rest in some budget hotels or do some transient rental where you can avail weekly or monthly rent depending on the length of your stay.

Transient rental usually involves rest houses being up for rent providing cheap rooms and accommodations.

The prices compared to hotels and resorts are cheaper but there is the downside of not having the usual hotel perks. If you were looking for at least the standard hotel benefits,

a hostel would be a good and cheap alternative.

With that, the Trafalgar Cottages (Station 3) would be the perfect choice for those on a budget.


Guesthouse/ Bed and Breakfast (BnB)

If you were planning just a short stay on the island, BnBs and guesthouses would be a nice pick when you’re on a cheap budget.

This is especially true to those who are not fond of resorts and hotels, preferring the basics of accommodation for their vacations.

These places offer cheap rental rooms for those aiming to catch just a few nights on the island rather than those vacationers who reside in a weekly or even monthly basis.

For cheap but comfortable rooms, try the Banana Saging Guesthouse (Bulabog Beach) and see if it meets your needs.


Room Share/ Lodging

Although cheap, room sharing isn’t really recommended when it’s with a random stranger, it’s preferable if it’s with a friend or a family member.

As for lodging, there are numerous lodges in the island that offer cheap rooms and comfortable accommodations.

There are even lodges that presents discounts on their room rental fees for people who aim to reside on a weekly or monthly basis like the Agos Boracay Rooms + Beds (Station 2).


Apartments/ House Units/ Pension Houses

Apartments and house units are usually chosen for those who are going to be staying in the island for a long time – usually their rental runs on weekly to monthly terms before it expires.

Pension Houses can be used for both long and short stays but may be defined differently here in the Philippines.

These places are like motels in a certain sense.

Pension Houses can offer up cheap rooms and certain Boracay accommodations for their guests but not to the extent or level of being a cheap hotel or resort.

One of those things are meals, there are some pension houses that gives breakfast meals but not the complete set.

One suggestion would be the Austrian Pension House located in Station 3, Manoc manoc Boracay


Boracay is dotted with a variety of cheap hotels, resorts, pension houses and even apartments waiting to accommodate their guests.

Each has a new experience to share and a memory to keep.

So go ahead and take your pick.