Party till the sun rises has always been the motto for those aiming to do a bit of bar hopping and dancing on the island.

Once the sun takes its rest,

the beach paradise of Boracay nightlife transforms into a Valhalla for bar hopping and wild beach parties.

Filled with shooter bars and disco pubs, allow the music and wild ambiance to carry you away with its unique thrum and beat.

1. Club SummerPlace

Located on the sandy beach of Station two, this nightlife spot offer its clubbers free admission just before the strike of midnight

but when the clock strikes twelve,

prepare yourself some bills because they start charging you at 300 pesos for the entrance!. That’s how it cost you a bit more when the floor gets hotter.

This night bar has two dance floors so expect a non-crowded bar during the early hours.

The place usually fills up at one in the morning so if you want to play ‘meet the stranger’, you might want to stick around for a while and dance to club DJ’s sounds.

2. Epic Boracay

An epic experience indeed that you will see different nightlife experience in Boracay.

Romantic restaurant and bar in the morning and wild disco party club by night.

But mind you,

If you’re looking for a night bar with a classy ambience and quality sound system for its music,

this is the place for you!

Happy hour typically starts around two in the afternoon to eight in the evening.


it’s one of the largest bar hopping spots on the beach so expect a non-crowded bar when you come in for a dance and swing out your wildest move on the floor or in the sand.

3. Exit Bar

This party club attracts convergence of backpackers and concurrence of different tourist nationalities.

Now gets the feeling of being anonymously stranger to anyone.

Feel the reggae pops mix up with cool dubbing hip hops that can drive your body to swing up in the air and dance around holding your choose of cocktails.

Come along during the weekend and watch the live tribal drum performance.

4. Cocomangas Shooter’s Bar

Now here’s the oldest running night bar in all of Boracay,

this shooter bar relic had witnessed and participated in wild beach parties since 1987. Your Boracay nightlife adventure would not be complete if don’t catch a dance on its sounds and music.

Found behind the main road of Station one, the shooter bar is particularly famous for its

still standing after 15 shots’ challenge.

It’s where you down 15 different types of liquor and try not to be completely trashed.

If you manage this,

the shooter bar with give you a free T-shirt and place your name on their Hall of Fame. It was wild nightlife and lively ambience, usually filled to the brim with people making it a good spot for meeting strangers and making new friends.

5. Juice Bar

If you want to scroll around with great house music in the island then this is the right place for you.

Indulge yourself listening to the long playing house mix cheering with some young expats and local tourist alike.

Happy hour starts at 4pm till 8pm but you can hang around the bar until 3am.

But only if you prefer to stay awake a bit longer.

6. Guilly’s Island Boracay

A romantic bar and a good bar hopping spot in one.

This night bar provides its guests the right ambiance of music and sounds with its non-crowded bar area.

Aside from the tasty international delicacies,

the bar is conveniently located within close range of other night bars like Cocomangas Shooter Bar and Club Paraw.

7. Cork Boracay

It’s really not the area where you can play ‘meet the stranger’.

This night bar is catered for the romantic couples looking to taste some quality wine that are being displayed in wide selection.

It has bottles fitted for almost any kind of budget, so don’t worry too much on the price.

It displays a soothing ambience with its romantic music and sound. This bar can be found on the main road at Regency Lagoon.


There you go, Your eyes meet across the bar.

Electricity. A connection sparking between two strangers as they meet. Looks like your Boracay nightlife experience just got a bit more romantic.