In one way or another, everyone aims to book a cheap hotel in Boracay island. Most probably availed the use of comparison sites so they can easily nab a cheap deal loaded with good accommodations.

However, before you decide to officially reserve your hotel, make sure to verify some stuff before you do.

I know that time is up the essence when it comes to these cheap hotels and accommodations but sometimes it’s better to be certain than being faced by the stress and frustration caused by a wrong choice of hotel accommodations.

  1. Know Your Location

Location! Location! Location! 

Before you decide to book your cheap hotel, make sure to know where the place is located. You should usually base your hotel choice on the type of activities you want to do during the trip.

If you want to do some wind-related sports, you might want to pick a hotel location near Bulabog Beach.

Are you a diehard shopaholic?

Then book a cheap hotel near the location of the D’Mall. Ask one local tricycle driver to drop you somewhere near around D’Mall area and when you find some narrowed pathways in between the mall shops you will discover a numbers of inner clustered cheap boutique hotels at the back of D’Mall.

Remember, a good location equals a great stay, cheap accommodations would be useless if the things you aim to do aren’t exactly congruent with your hotel choice.

  1. Check the Availability of Amenities

One thing that’s rather disadvantageous when it comes to cheap hotels in Boracay is the availability of the much-needed amenities.

So before you finalise your hotel, make certain that (at least) the basic amenities and accommodations are within availability.

One of these important amenities is your wireless connections like wifi and phone signals. The availability of wireless connection is very much essential for those on business trips and for unprecedented emergencies. One nice way to check the quality of their wireless connections is to read the hotel reviews left by recent guests.


3. Be Aware of the Transportation Related Services being offered

We definitely recommend you to lose yourself around the island to get a sense of trail and discover what more Boracay can offer but only for one condition…

You can drive a motorbike! or better yet hire motorbike with driver.

You’ll know a nice cheap deal if the hotel offers to accommodate transportation in their parking lots for free. Before you decide to rent transportation, check in to see if there are parking lot fees or if there is even a parking lot to begin with, some beachfront hotels don’t have them.

There is also the case of the hotel offering transportation to certain places like the D’Mall and the White Beach. And don’t forget the accessibility of the hotel to transportation itself. Let’s face it. We don’t enjoy walking under the baking hot sun to find a simple tricycle or taxi.

  1. Consider the surcharges

One thing you should be careful when it comes to dealing with cheap deals is that these hotels might be silently adding up surcharges without your knowledge.

Aside from additional fees like taxes and services fees, there are also surcharges when it comes to transportation and even the use of certain facilities like their beachfronts and pools. Let us not forget the electricity surcharge they place when you use their air-conditioning.

So be careful, what you are booking might me a punching a hole on your wallet with endless surcharges.


  1. Beware of power shortages

Another important amenity is a functioning generator that would really come in handy during those power shortages that tend to occur in the Philippines ever so often. You’re lucky if a power shortage happened during the cooler months but get ready to cook if you end up in a poorly ventilated room.

Also, these power shortages can last up to several hours sometimes (not always) so it would be an excellent investment to choose a cheap hotel in Boracay that has the availability of a generator in their amenities.

Cheap hotel bookers, beware. Don’t forget to clarify and inquire. Don’t be satisfied by the outstanding advertisements and recommendations.

Try to look around, consider the negative reviews being given. Unfortunate and rare they may be there is still a chance that it could happen to you. Are you willing to risk it?