Opening its sandy shores to a variety of entertainment forms, Boracay boosts it tourism by attracting not only tourists but directors from the big screen as well.

Playing its part as an island paradise, the place has been a venue for a number of local films, Asian Novelas, TeleMovies and even some budget films.

In fact, here are the eight movies filmed in Boracay, selected for your view pleasure.

Too Late the Hero

Director: Rebort Aldrich       Year: 1970

Inspired by an unpublished novel or novela entitled ‘Don’t Die Mad’, Robert Aldrich sought to recreate the tension and drama of the Vietnam War in an Asian setting with Michael Caine and Henry Fonda during the 1970’s.

This foreign film was actually rumoured to be the one that had paved a path for Boracay’s beauty to gain not only local but also international fame because majority of the movie was filmed there.

Nam’s Angels

Director: Jack Starett       Year: 1970

Back in the old days, the island of Boracay was a blissful land of calm and peace unlike the lively local scene of today. The type of peace that makes you want to lay on a hammock and write a short novela.

Therefore, I honestly don’t know why but Americans seem to love using this Asian island in their films for a war themed movie. This budget film is about gang of bikers set out to rescue a diplomat during the Vietnam War directed by Jack Starett. How’s that for an interesting pick?

Romantic Island (a.k.a. Feel So Good)

Director: Sheol-Woo Kang       Year: 2008

Set upon the white shores of paradise, allow yourself to fall in love in the most unexpected ways, this foreign film features the Korean stars – Su-kyeong Lee, Seon-gyun Lee, Eugene Kim and Min-gi Lee.

A little Asian novela depicting the unique sweetness of romance and love found in paradise while the characters struggled to deal with their own personal problems along the way.


Director: Mario J. De Los Reyes       Year: 1999

So enough about the foreign films, it’s time to do some local film digging.

Allow me to present a rather dark side of paradise with this telemovie. The local film named Linlang (which means Deceive in English) features some of the local celeb big shots namely Pops Fernandez, Richard Gomez and Joyce Jimenez.

Although, only a few shots were filmed in Boracay, they were enough give the island some bad publicity making some of the tourism figures drop.


Director: Joven Tan       Year: 2010

As some say, life starts at 40. In this budget film featuring the romantic adventures and dilemmas of Rita Avila and Edgar Guzman, the telemovie is set with a woman in her forties deciding to get a bit foolish and adventurous with a young Boracay fire dancer.

Translated as ‘Overnight’ in English, this local film involves a story stemming out from a hot steamy one-night stand that eventually evolves and delves into the deeper aspects a person like sexuality and faith.


Director: Jun Luna       Year: 2006

To be overwhelmed by an emotion so strong you’re on the point of losing control.

That is the meaning of gigil.

It’s usually associated with cute stuff like babies and kittens but in this telemovie, expect it to have a more sexual connotation.

After all, this budget film features none other than the hot and sexy Katrina Halili after dethroning Angel Locsin from the FHM’s Hottest Woman title.

Aside from romance, this local film has a more comedic and playful air to itperfect for the vibrant island scene of Boracay.

When Love Begins

Director: Jose Javier Reyes      Year: 2008

“What happens in Boracay, stays in Boracay.” That was basically their deal in this telemovie when Anne Curtis and Aga Muhlach decided to hook up in the white sandy paradise.

But apparently, (as always) Fate had other plans in store for these two.

A local romance film that features some of the most popular stars in Philippine showbiz highlights all the fun stuff you can do in Boracay, like some water activities and even fire dancing.

One Mom and Three Dads

Director: Lee Jae-sang & Kim Jung-gyu     Year: 2008

A Korean teleseries starred by Jung Sung-Min (Husband), Lee Sung Gyun (Coffee Prince), Lee Min Ki (Daljas Spring) and Lee Su. Song Na-Young is the 29-old-single mother.

This is a story of couple intensely wanted to have a child however the husband has a fertility issue and unable to get her pregnant. In unfortunate event, the husband died in an accident before his wife give birth to a daughter.

Na-Young the mother was unaware that the three of her husband’s friends donated sperms for her conceive successfully.

Bring out the popcorn and make yourselves comfortable. As one of the best beaches in the world, Boracay is a venue to the filming of Asian novelas, budget films, local and foreign movies alike. Just take your pick and enjoy.